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„Events are like works of art - they require creativity, perseverance and a lot of attention to detail to become unforgettable experiences."
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Behind Eventkonzept Morales I stand as an event planner with a great passion for events that make people happy. I will gladly take care of all the “bells and whistles” for your special day and make sure that you feel thoroughly looked after and can enjoy your event from the very first moment.

I make point of getting to know you and the story behind your special occasion.

You are welcome to make an appointment today for a free get-to-know-you meeting. Together we will discuss your wishes and requirements and the framework of our collaboration.

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My work sets the framework for events that make people happy. Whether it’s a wedding, a bachelor party, a baby shower or a family celebration, my services are available to anyone who needs support in realising their event project. For financing, payment by instalments is also possible.

Here is a selection of the services I can offer you:

Needs analysis & concept development

Needs analysis & concept development

Who are you and what makes you and your individual event special? What are the special features and heartfelt wishes that need to be taken into account in the planning? Based on this information, I will create a suitable event concept for you.

Service provider research & coordination

Service provider research & coordination

As soon as the scope of the event and the programme have been defined, we will see which external service providers are needed for your event. These can be, for example, designers, photographers or entertainers such as musicians and DJs.

Creative consulting

Creative consulting

A central topic not only for weddings: colour schemes and the design of stationery and rooms. I am happy to support you in cooperation with designers and graphic artists in the creation of the appropriate promotional materials such as invitation cards, save-the-dates and much more.

Location scouting

Location scouting

So many possibilities, so much room for your imagination and lots of fun! Whether your event is to be celebrated at home in the garden, in a romantic barn or in a modern club - together we will find the option that is perfectly tailored to your wishes. To do this, I first offer a range of suitable locations and also accompany you on the individual walk-through appointments until we have found your dream location.

On-site support on the day of the event

On-site support on the day of the event

Perfect preparation and smooth running of your event are guaranteed i n any case. Perfect preparation and smooth running of your event are guaranteed i n any case. Ideally, if you wish, I will also personally accompany your event on site and ensure that everything is perfectly coordinated in terms of timing and organisation, from set-up to clean-up.

Comprehensive personal support before and after the event

Comprehensive personal support before and after the event

My clients can rely on me to accept every project as my own and to be one hundred percent committed to its success. Individuality, transparency and commitment are the primary values that guide my work.

Create experiences that will be remembered

I’m glad you found me! I’m Simin and the woman behind Eventkonzept Morales. Language nerd, communication talent and “bubbly little person”. I’m glad you’re interested in what I have to offer and I’m looking forward to seeing which event project I can create for you.

I have been an event manager with a passion since 2015. Originally, I studied communication and linguistics and therefore also have a great weakness for the topic of public relations and social media. Through various positions in public administration, healthcare, IT and consulting, I have become an adaptable comms chameleon and have always had a hand in marketing in addition to my tasks in event organisation.

So why events? – Because nothing gives me such a good feeling as to experience on the day of the event how the guests and hosts are resolved and satisfied. The happy faces and the good mood at the get-together or on the dance floor are the absolute super goal for me: the sometimes months of preparation and the work invested have paid off.

My aim is to develop concepts that give pleasure. To create experiences that will be remembered. As an event manager, I have the wonderful opportunity to positively influence the lives of many people by creating experiences with them that make them happy.


Whether in a private circle or in a business context: people want to experience things that they like to think back on and that enrich their lives a little. That have added value for them. I create this added value for my clients by reviewing the needs together with them from the very beginning and developing the appropriate concepts based on this.

I have attended many events in the past as a participant and each time I noticed things that were very positive in my eyes on the one hand and less successful on the other. Sometimes you don’t like to hear the saying “Don’t complain, do it yourself”, but there is some truth in it. With “Eventkonzept Morales”, I have the opportunity to meet my clients the way I would like to meet a service provider.

It’s not a new insight, but it’s very topical:
one fits all is rubbish.

Every event has a specific purpose that needs to be fulfilled. That’s why the same old formula cannot be the solution. And then it would be nowhere near as exciting: every person, every corporate culture and every meeting is unique. They can be similar, but they are never the same. In the kick-off meeting before each project, I focus on the specific needs, circumstances and priorities. After all, good catering and fancy decorations are not and never have been the sole basis for a successful event. What we want to achieve are good conversations, an atmospheric ambience and many beautiful moments that will be remembered.

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Wedding. Banquet. Beautiful table setting for a party, wedding reception or other festive event.

My services include small and medium-sized events (up to 500 participants) for business and private clients within the Rhineland-Palatinate and Baden-Wurttemberg district. Events outside the above-mentioned scope and radius are taken on upon request, depending on the effort involved.

For private clients

Of the many events I have planned over the years, my favourites were those where emotions were visible and tangible, where people celebrated and laughed together exuberantly. Looking back at the photos of the many enthusiastic faces was always one of my favourite moments.

There are so many good reasons in life to celebrate a party. To spend precious time with loved ones and to experience unforgettable moments. I am very happy when you share your heart’s project with me and entrust me with the planning of your event:

The possibilities are endless. Therefore, in the first step I listen a lot, understand your situation and your individual needs and then make a concept proposal.


in the best sense

Through working with many different people and a lot of self-reflection, I know that everyone has their own ideas about successful cooperation and a positive experience. When working with my clients, it is therefore particularly important to me that they feels understood and trusts in my experience as well as my professional care.

A positive, human, fruitful cooperation is important to me – this is how long-term relationships are built. As an event planner, it is essential to be close to the client and to understand the needs exactly. Therefore, it is also worthwhile to have possible follow-up events organised by the same person. I look forward to supporting you with your event plans.


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How can I support you with your project, with your event? What ideas and wishes do you already have in mind? We can clarify all these questions in a first virtual meeting to get to know each other. The information you provide in the contact form will give me a good first basis of information. Of course, the information does not have to be final – experience shows that concepts are often still developing and can be supplemented with further aspects during the kick-off. I look forward to hearing from you.

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